Sunday, October 2, 2011

Windy Mountain Spirits

Despite the cool temperatures and the wind, Mountain Spirits Festival was a hit. A lot of folks said how much they enjoyed it, and a lot of participants want to come back next year. Here are some photos of the action:

In the author tent, Lake Writers, Valley Writers, and Piedmont Writers had group tables. Plus the Virginia Writers Club was represented, two small presses who published Virginia books had books for sale, and a bunch of individual authors.   At least two authors' dogs—Gary Noestner's and Bruce Bytner's—mingled with the crowd. 

Here are a few pictures from the author tent:

Lake Writers make some sales.
Lynn Dudley and Margaret Adkins set up the Piedmont Writers table table.
Karen J. Hall and Valley Writer John Koelsch
Folks browse among the tables
Amanda Cockrell had an impressive table display
Peggy Shifflett's down-home books were popular.
Ferrum resident Shea LeMone's novel is based on his youth in Philadelphia.
Valley Writer Barbara Stout displays her poetry books
Ralph Berrier's book was another popular one.
Southern Breeze opened the music part of the festival. 

Up Franklin Street, in the vicinity of the Artisan Center and Grainery were the artists. I don't know all of them, just a few:

Ibby Greer's gourdfriends. 

Nell Fredericksen's jewelry. . .  
. . . and her pottery.
Carol Yopp's paintings.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of activity at Farmer Appreciation Day on the market a few blocks away.

And a horse danced while its rider—Aspen Black—sang:

A lot more things were happening than I could photograph, but Mountain Spirits Festival had something for everyone. 

Think we should do it again next year?