Monday, September 3, 2012

Michael Davis: Lake Writers

While many of the books in the authors' tent at the 2012 Mountain Spirits Festival are about Appalachian history, memoir, cooking, and fiction, several authors affiliated with writers groups—such as Lake Writers, Valley Writers, and Piedmont Writers—offer something else. 

If you like romantic suspense, mystery, and science fiction, Michael Davis—a member of Lake Writers—has a book for you. Mike's romantic suspense and mystery books include Blind Consent, Forgotten Children, Tainted Hero, Shadow of Guilt, Veil of Deception, Whispers of Innocence, Righteous Fury, Distant Obsession, and Beyond Forever. His science fiction works include Final Solution, Echoes, Touch of Blue, Rimfire, Brok Hon, and Essence. You can read excerpts from his books at his website:

Here are two of his latest books:

RIGHTEOUS FURY: Torn between past mistakes and her affinity for impossible relationships, Codi Emery is cast into a web of deception and intrigue. Her new assignment in a compartmented facility, shrouded in extreme defensive measures and secrecy, pits the young intelligence analyst against her emotions and nativity on what’s best for her career, and her heart. Serendipitously, Codi discovers an Arcanum program of clandestine operatives sanctioned not by the government but the ire of a select group of patriots with a bold plan to rewrite history. She struggles against competing factions, her loyalty and her core beliefs. When she confronts her findings, pleas for a sane explanation, something beyond her nightmares, the quest to understand the line between honor and treason puts her at risk from a rouge element. Only the strength and determination of a young maverick Marine can save Codi from herself.

WHISPERS OF INNOCENCE: Border violence; corpses abandoned in the desert. Trafficking in a previously unknown drug. A dangerous religious cult in an isolated community. Sounds like headlines ripped straight from today’s newspaper but it’s the reality of the romantic suspense, Whispers of Innocence. Enoch Smith, an intelligent, yet psychotic cult leader, uses more than his flock to execute God’s wrath on a sinful nation and evil government. Yet his power over the people exceeds mere theological influences, but instead dominants their very existence. Drake Elliot, a former US Marshal underestimates the power of the cartel that injures his son, destroys his wife, and maims himself. Under the guise of protecting his brain-damaged son, Drake seeks revenge and returns to Arizona to find the cold and calculating people responsible for this tragedy. Micki Lewis, an investigative journalist in Tucson, receives a tip regarding the origins of the latest drug to hit the streets and returns to Alta Vista, home of Enoch’s Children of God community in which she was once a member. The very same cult that killed Micki’s twin sister upon learning her attempt to escape. Drake and Micki join forces to uncover the secrets behind the cult and its success helping children like Drake’s son recover normalcy. What they find is far worse than just drugs coming across the border. They share a connection that entwines their lineage and past. One that goes beyond their imagination and nightmares. A discovery that provides answers to the shadows that haunt their dreams and their lives will never be the same.

Visit Mike at the Lake Writers table. He'll be glad to talk about his books and about publishing. And watch this blog for info about other authors and groups who will be at the festival.

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