Thursday, October 3, 2013

Updates 2013

. . . a listing of who's who—and where—in art and literature

A story in Monday's Franklin News-Post gives a good overview of the festival.

Near the Artisan Center Along the Crooked Road will be these artists and crafters: Dixie Young, Jessica Altice, Marie Lordi, John Davidson, Shanna Fields, Carol Yopp, Lorraine Roe, Virginia Shirley, Tom Shirley, Robert Iuppa, Sherrie Mitchell, Nancy Hodges, and William Mitchell.

A few authors have had to cancel because of illness or schedule conflicts. However, barring emergencies, the following authors still plan to be in the Authors Tent in the municipal parking lot on Claiborne Street:

Becky Mushko: Stuck, Ferradiddledumday, The Girl Who Raced Mules, Peevish Advice, Patches on the Same Quilt, Where There's A Will—fiction
Curtis Nestor: Faith Will Keep You Afloat, Trails to Triumph, America—Dawn to Dusk—inspirational
Marian McConnell: The Murder Hole
Morris Stephenson (and friends): A Night of Makin' Likker—moonshine history
Rex Stephenson: Jack Tales—scripts
Tina Hanlon: AppLit info
Franz Beisser: Time and Place: The Making of an Immigrant, Red Solstice: an MIA's Hell, Lust and Life
Beverly Merritt's books will be here, although she is unable to attend: The Untold Story of the Clement-Witcher Feud, Franklin County True Stories, Letters and Recipes from the Grapevine, and otherslocal history
Dwight Hayes: Banished and photographs of local/regional scenes
Michael Abraham is unable to attend, but his books will be a Dwight Hayes' table.
Shea LeMone: Corner Pride, The Spring of Unexpected Consequences
Kimba Dalferes: I Was In Love With a Short Man Once—memoir
Avis Turner: In the Land Where Fairies Cried—memoir
Ginny Brock: By Morning’s Light—non-fiction
James Nagy: Franklin County—history
Joanne M. Anderson: A Noble Spirit—fiction
Veronica Church: moonshine shirt in jar—merchandise
Mike Davis: Blind Consent, Forgotten Children, Tainted Hero, and others—fiction/suspense
Sally Roseveare: Secrets at Spawning Run, Secrets at Sweetwater Cove—SML mysteries
Jean Schaefer (for Max Thomas): This Pleasant Land—history/memoir
Pam Hain: Murder in the State Capitol: The Biography of Lt. Col. Robert Augustus Alston (1832-1879); A Confederate Chronicle: The Life of a Civil War Survivor) history
Aaron McAlexander: Will the Last One Leaving Mayberry Turn Out the Lights; So Much to Learn, So Little Time—memoir (plus his wife will have some of her pottery)
Cara Modisett: Blue Ridge Parkway Impressions, Blue Ridge Parkway – Celebration
Tom Howell: Lillian Howell’s memoir, Life With Charlie
Barbara Roberts: What a Christmas!, Not in Your Wildest Dreams—fiction
Otis Lee: From South Boston to Cambridge. . .—memoir with ancestor info, Halifax Co. info
Rodger Doss: Shine—fiction
Pamala Warren: The Recital—fiction
Fred Waddell: What Colleges And Universities Don't Want You To See—non-fiction

Near the Authors Tent will be a Storyteller Tent. Some of the authors and some members of Toastmasters will tell stories throughout the festival.

There'll also be food,  music, and children's games.

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So many books and authors, so little time to get around to meeting them and chatting with them. But I'll try!