Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Voices of Franklin County

Books about regional history have been popular at Mountain Spirits since its beginning. For the Oct. 4, 2014, "Meet the Authors" event in the Franklin County, genealogist and local historian Beverly Merritt will have her new book, Voices from Franklin County 1861–1865.

The book is a collection of snippets of area Civil War history gleamed from private letters, newspaper articles, court records, and other sources. In the introduction, the authors state: " This book is an attempt to tell the story of the impact the Civil War had on families in Franklin County, Virginia. It is not meant to be a reference book but a guide for future research." Because the index contains numerous names of county residents, the book could be very helpful to those researching their families.

 The back of the book:

Especially interesting are the letters written by individuals to members of their family.

Franklin County was spared destruction during the Civil War, but rumors abounded nonetheless. On page 116, a June 20, 1864, letter from Mary A. Angle of Union Hall to "Stumpy Angle" in Henry addresses some of the rumors about Yankee destruction in the area.

While Voices of Franklin County, Virginia is a book that you'll want to look at, Beverly Merritt will have several other books, too.


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