Sunday, August 25, 2013

Murder She Wrote

If you're a fan of murder mysteries or true crime or both, in the authors' tent on Oct. 5, you'll likely find a book that interests you.

Some authors will have books involving actual murders. Pamela Chase Hain (who will also be singing at the festival with Ladies of the Lake) will have Murder in the State Capitol: The Biography of Lt. Col. Robert Augustus Alson (1832-1879). Read more about Hain and her book in this article from Laker Weekly.


a collection of 25 stories of murders committed in Mount Airy from 1892-1976.
UPDATE: Donna G. Smith will be unable to make it to this year's festival.

Was a murder actually committed in the "Murder Hole" in Catawba, VA? You can read some of the legends in a Roanoke Times article here. Or you can buy the book from author Marian McConnell, who owns the property on which the infamous cave is located. The Roanoke Star published this article about the book in March.  

As for fiction, Sally Roseveare (mentioned in an earlier post) writes Smith Mountain Lake murder mysteries, and she'll have both her novels with her on October 5—Secrets at Spawning Run and Secrets at Sweetwater Cove. She's currently working on her third book in the series. Maybe she'll have that one in 2014.


Not only can you buy books at the festival, but you can also talk to the authors about why they wrote their books.


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