Saturday, September 21, 2013

Inspirational Books

If you're looking for inspiration, the Authors Tent will  have several books you might enjoy.

If you're looking for non-fiction, former pastor Curtis Nester will have three books this year: Faith will Keep You Afloat, Trails to Triumph, and his new book, America—Dawn to Dusk.

 Two novelists will have books that readers might find inspirational—and that both young people and older readers will enjoy. JoAnne M. Anderson will be at Mountain Spirits for the first time with A Noble Spirit. According to JoAnne's website, "It’s a horse story for all ages. The characters are fictional, and Noble, Cash, Kazi and Paloosa are real and true to their equine names, breeds and personalities."

The novel isn't just a horse story—it's a story of people overcoming challenges in their lives. "Against the back drop of a renovated horse farm where an Afghanistan war veteran (Lt. Col. Paul R. Silverton) begins his first civilian job and a girl (Mandy) befriends a horse (Noble), the reader takes a peek into the lives and challenges of everyday people. You’ll meet someone you know in the pages—a friend, neighbor, colleague, school pal or relative." This is a good book for the whole family to read and discuss.

Two more good books for the whole family to read (but especially mothers and daughters) are Barbara Roberts' Christian fiction books,  What a Christmas! and its sequel, Not in My Wildest Dreams.


If you didn't take a look at Barbara's books at last year's festival, you might want to do so this year.

The above books aren't the only inspirational books you'll find in the Authors Tent, but they're a good representation of what you might find in the Authors Tent on October 5.

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Barb said...

Thanks, Becky, for the heads up. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone at the Mountain Spirit Festival on Oct. 5 and being inspired by all the writers.